Make Broadhead Darts

0.625 cal

These kind of darts are excellent for hunting. The broadhead and the slim shaft do penetrate very well. During test with
2m Blowgun the dart did penetrate an 11mm heavy duty double enforced rubber belt.
(used in mining industry for transportation of the mined material)
The penetration capability is multiple more than any skin of small game can stand. see also test photo

See photo of fishing broadheads here.

For shaft use 2mm spring steel wire 120 mm long. The spring steel wire you can find at hobby model craft shops:
- for larger ship models spring steel wire is sometimes used as antenna
- for smaller ship models 2 mm spring steel wire is used as axle for the propeller

For cuting the spring steel wire use Dremel 545 diamond cutting wheel. I can highly recommend this tool. It is really worth the $$. It cuts the spring steel like butter. During test it did cut a half inch long slit into the spring steel wire within aprox one minute. Without producing much heat!

The Shape of the tip:



Another variant:

Plenty material @ low cost!
Make 14 Broadhreads from just one cutting knife blade.
Buy from hardware store a box (100 pcs) of hardened steel nails 2.0 x 50 mm  (0.08" x 2")


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